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Individuals in Temporary Agency Jobs

The symposium Individuals in Temporary Agency Jobs brings together international researchers from various disciplines who focus on the specific situation of temporary agency workers. Experts from psychology, economics, administrative and social sciences as well as from health sciences contribute recent findings of their research area. The conference covers a range of different perspectives and empirical approaches towards temporary agency work including the development of the TAW industry, the characterization of the specific work setting, the investigation of relationships, commitment and the psychological contract with regard to the client and to the staffing agency, the integration into the core team, individual attitudes, behavior and feelings of insecurity, as well as career and skill- development and health-outcomes.

Temporary agency work (TAW) is becoming more and more important in industrialized countries and the number of temporary agency workers has increased enormously over the last few decades. TAW is a highly valuable source for organizations needing to meet the demands of continuous adjustment and flexibility in staffing at short notice. Furthermore, temporary agency workers become a source of permanent workers for the client organizations to recruit from.

TAW can be considered as contingent work arrangement par excellence. TAW is characterized by a triangular relationship, consisting of the temp workers, the staffing agency with whom they have a contract, and the client organization which they are assigned to for a limited time period. Temporary workers incorporate flexibility in a particular way because with every move from one assignment to the next they face a high demand of adaptation. With every new assignment they are confronted with completely new duties and rules, new coworkers and local supervisors, as well as new organizational cultures. Temporary work can be seen as a challenging work-arrangement for individuals, and therefore it offers scholars a rich setting for research.

The format of the symposium includes presentations of papers and a discussion after each presentation. It offers a platform for fruitful exchange.

Guests either with a research background or practitioners are welcome to the symposium, and will only be required to register using the "Register" menu.

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